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Kiambu - Kenya
Taste Notes
Morello Cherry, Candied Lemon, Maple Syrup, Complex
Fully washed and dried on African beds
SL28, Sl34, Ruiru 11 &K7
Altitude (m)
1600 - 1766m

We recommend this coffee is best used as a filter.

The Kiambu county has a long history with regards to coffee production. Sadly, the wave of urban expansion north of the capital Nairobi is threatening this heritage. Housing developments have already eaten away at many of Kenya's coffee plantations. Investment in quality coffee such as this lot is one of the sure actions that will continue to support Kiambu - hopefully preserving coffee in the area for many generations to come. 

Mchana Estate is 906 hectares with 458 hectares under coffee, making it one of Kenya's largest specialty coffee producers. The farm has a long history of quality -2/3 of trees still bearing at Mchana were planted before 1950, and the majority are 'traditional' SL28 & SL34, known for their great cup profile. 

PB stands for 'peaberry', a natural mutation generally resulting in a finer, sweeter crop. Coffee cherries normally contains two beans, with flattened facing sides, but about 5% of coffee grown worldwide develops only one bean, characterised by a more rounded shape. Typically, that translates into a more concentrated nutrient content - which results in a very flavourful bean with a premium cup profile.

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