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Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda
Taste Notes
Floral, Delicate, Red Berry Tea
SL28 & SL14
Altitude (m)
1,470 masl

We recommend this coffee is best used as a Filter.

The Ihani farm is found in the Rwenzori Mountains, which are known among locals for their extinct volcanoes.  The tectonic, fertile soil and topography are promising pre-conditions for a distinct coffee. Mount Rwenzori is referred to as the "Mountain of the Moon — the Rain Maker."

Western Uganda is renowned for its natural coffees, known as Drugars, with enchantingly interesting flavour profiles. Recently, the eagerness of the Ugandan farmers to catch up with the specialty coffee world, and adopt new methods into their traditions, has led the producers at Ihani to experiment with honey processing as well. That's what makes Uganda so special in the current African coffee scene: a great interest in modern advancements combined with an upholding of heritage. On our sourcing trip to Ihani, for example, we witnessed elderly ladies preparing coffee the traditional way, with stone-to-stone grinding, followed by a coffee ceremony in the Ihani cultural house.

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