Estrella Naranjo


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Los Robles, Naranjo, Costa Rica
Taste Notes
Apricot, Nectarine with Bright Citrus Acidity
Black Honey
Caturra and Catuai
Altitude (m)

We recommend this coffee is best used as a filter.

Producers of the Coop Naranjo are selected to participate in the programme based on the quality of their coffee. Superior quality is assured through the selection of strictly ripe cherries from only the centre of the harvest. Agronomists from Coop Naranjo visit participating farms in each of the ranges during the season to check maturation levels and determine the ideal point of harvest based on brix measurement. Quality is controlled at the farm, receiving station and mill. Each delivery of cherries is measured, sorted and processed separately at the Coop Naranjo mill to ensure full traceability to the specific mountain range. The coffee is pulped using advanced demucilagers to ensure consistent and efficient processing or naturally fermented using traditional washing tanks. The natural fermentation process is used upon request and the expected volume of this type of processing is 3,300 bags in total for the season. 

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