Decaf Jalapa


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Taste Notes
Butterscotch, toffee, peach
Fully washed, CO2 decaffeination process
Altitude (m)
1700 - 1900 masl

The Jalapa Small Producers Association was an idea born in Santa Amelia Xalapa as a way of supporting a growing community of farmers. Due to the high altitude and the richness of the pumis and black soils, the quality of the coffee grown in the area is outstanding. 

The 46 members of the association — three of which are women — live in the indigenous community of Santa Maria Xalapan Jalapa, and work in coffee plantations that are roughly 15 years old. The coffee plants are pruned and renewed on a regular basis in order to produce quality coffee. The coffee cherries are fully washed, fermented and sun-dried at Finca El Hato, Fraijanes.

As not all decaffeination processes are the same in terms of preserving the characteristics of a bean, the members of the Jalapa Association chose to adopt practices that are aimed at producing the best flavour possible. As a matter of fact, they employ a CO2 method that ensures that the flavour components remain in the bean throughout the process, rather than being soaked out and then put back in — as it would be the case in both the Swiss Water and the Indirect Solvent processes.


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