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Brazil & Ethiopia
Taste Notes
Marshmallow, plum, honey

We recommend this coffee is best used as an Espresso.

Our classic medium-roasted espresso blend combines Brazillian and Ethiopian beans, to create a solid all-rounder, equally delicious as espresso or with milk. 

Fazenda Rodomunho — Brazil 

The Carvalho Dias and Ottoni families have been growing coffee in Brazil since 1890 and are something of an institution in the coffee circles of Minas Gerais. The estate is located in the Alto Paranaíba, the highest part of Minas Gerais' Cerrado region. This lot is a Red Catuai grown at 1,050masl, processed using the Brazilian pulped natural method. After being picked, the ripe cherries are pulped on the same day at the farm's wet mill; the beans are then moved immediately to dry on the farm's patios without any fermentation or soaking. This means that, unlike a fully washed coffee, the sticky outer mucilage is still attached to the beans during drying — typically resulting in a fruitier cup.

Gelana Abaya Tore — Ethiopia

This exceptional lot was processed and dry-milled by family-run Testi Coffee, who are making a name for themselves on the Ethiopian specialty coffee scene. This coffee bears the name of the village it comes from, which is home to some of the best coffee that Yirgacheffe has to offer. Yirgacheffe is a micro-region of Sidamo in southern Ethiopia, an area well-known for its high-altitude, fertile mountains, which yield consistently exquisite coffee.

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