Turmeric Blend

A blend of golden turmeric and natural spices.

Blendmiths Turmeric Blend is designed to awaken your senses, boasting a rich array of nature’s most interesting and flavoursome ingredients with an abundance of health benefits.

The organic turmeric used in this blend is grown in northern India where it thrives due to the hot and humid climate. It is the roots and the rhizomes (plant stem) of the Curcuma Longa plant that are consumed, giving turmeric its vibrant bright yellow/orange colour and strong peppery taste.

HOW TO DRINK HOT: Drop 2 teaspoons of Turmeric Blend (11g) into your milk (8oz). Heat by using a steam wand, a pan on the hob or a microwave. Alternatively, make a paste with a touch of hot water , stir and then add warm milk.

HOW TO DRINK COLD: Simply put ice, milk and Turmeric Blend into a blender.

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Coconut Sugar, Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric (13.5%), Ginger, Star Anise and Black Pepper


Once opened, reseal bag with a clip and store in a cool, dry place


200 grams