La Naranja, Peru ,

Cultivated on three small farms run by two producers, this coffee displays a warm spice note which, combined with the apple-like acidity and raisin sweetness, produces a flavour profile like apple crumble or mulled cider.

This coffee comes from three small farms in the small town of La Naranja – El Trapiche, owned by Maria Domitila Flores Puelle, and El Mango and La Hondura, owned by Esbin Bellasmin Carrasco.

Born and raised in La Naranja, Maria purchased her two hectare plot six years ago and operates it with four of her eight children. The name of the farm (“Trapiche”) comes from the sugar mill that used to be on the farm. Esbin inherited his one hectare farm, El Mango, six years ago and expanded by purchasing La Hondura, an additional hectare, three years later.

On all three farms, consistent ‘selective’ tree pruning is conducted to maintain the quality of the crop and to increase its yield. Farmers work in 15 year rotations, focusing on each variety individually; at the end of each cycle, coffee trees will be dramatically cut back using the ‘Zoqueo’ practice, stimulating the emergence of new growth.








Cajamarca, Peru


Esbin Bellasmin Carrasco & Maria Domitila Flores Puelle


Bourbon, Pache, Red Caturra, Typica


1800-1850 masl




Green apple, raisin, clove