La Estrella del Ostro Decaf, Colombia , , ,

This is another delicious decaf coffee from Huila, Colombia. It offers bright citric acidity, a tangy green apple note combined with some walnut bitterness, a really juicy body, all rounded out with a caramel or toffee aftertaste.

Just like our much-loved previous decaf, this coffee has been decaffeinated using the “sugarcane” process, which involves soaking the harvested coffee in a sugarcane-derived compound. This preserves and even enhances the flavour profile of the original crop, which means that our decaf coffees are of just as high a quality as anything else on our menu.

This lot is named “La Estrella del Ostro” for the “Star of the Southern Wind”, which shines just above the mountains where this coffee is grown in La Plata, Huila. Grown by members of the Coffee Belén Association, the cherry is naturally fermented in cement tanks for 12-24 hours, before being washed in micro-mills, then sun-dried on covered, raised beds on each farm. Our supplier, Caravela Coffee, has a dedicated quality analyst working with the producers in this region to increase the value of their crop, and ensure consistency across this regional blend.








Huila, Colombia


50 small producers of the Coffee Belén Association


Castillo, Cattura, Colombia, Typica


1600-2000 mall


Sugarcane Decaffeination


Green Apple, Walnut, Toffee