El Disthe, Mexico ,

Crisp malic acidity gives way to sweet apple and blackberry notes, supported by a smooth, creamy body. As a neat espresso shot, this will taste like fresh apples drizzled with maple syrup; with a little milk, the mouthfeel will be enhanced to produce the sensation of a sautéed apple dessert with cream.

In Mexico, the word Disthe means “women of progress”, and this coffee definitely lives up to that name. Despite owning less than one hectare of farmland, the nine women who produced this lot not only grow amazing coffee, but are making great strides in bolstering the participation of women in indigenous communities throughout the municipalities of Malvarisco and Tierra Blanca, in the state of Oaxaca.

Rosa, Adela and Maria are the leading figures at the farm, in charge of all the processes that take place before the coffee is ready for export. But they aren’t alone in their endeavours – over the years, they have involved their daughters and other family members in the work, making sure to pass down their expertise in coffee farming and ensuring younger generations continue on with the same passion that they embody.








Oaxaca, Mexico


Rosa Odalia Soriano, Adela Pinacho & Maria Elena Santos


Pluma Hidalgo


1600 masl




Apple, Blackberry, Maple syrup