Aylesbury Blend ,

Our Aylesbury Blend is a consistent all-rounder espresso blend. The current component mix presents a flavour profile like a crumble or cobbler, with crisp apple- or pear-like acidity at the front, syrupy apricot, blackberry and blackcurrant flavours through the middle, and a mildly biscuity aftertaste. Underlying this is a creamy, sweetly nutty praline and milk chocolate base, giving the blend the quality of a delicious dessert.

The Aylesbury Blend is our staple espresso blend, named for our original roastery site. The components rotate seasonally to ensure freshness, variety and quality, but they are always selected to maintain a consistent profile that is easy to dial in and to perform well with or without milk.

Fernando, producer of the Brazilian base from Sitio Bela Vista in Mogiana, is a member of APROD, a cooperative of smallholder farmers around the city of Divinolândia. 85% of the cooperative’s members are Fairtrade certified, which has helped them to focus on combining agricultural and forestry technologies to create a more productive and sustainable land-use system.

The middle component of the blend comes from ASCAFÉ, a coffee producing organisation in Cauca, Colombia. This coffee, named “Spirit of Peace”, has been produced in a way that connects deeply with our own mission of rehabilitation and creating opportunities: Cauca was a conflict zone in the civil war, but as part of the peace agreements ASCAFÉ have facilitated a comprehensive programme of “rehabilitation through productivity” for ex-combatants, teaching them skills in agriculture and encouraging environmental sustainability, crop diversity and retaining interest in coffee production in younger generations, giving them a new lease on life.

The blend is topped off with a lot from the Gisheke washing station in Rwanda. Located in Nyamasheke District, the station overlooks Lake Kivu, over which all the cherries from the neighbouring islands are delivered by boat. This lot was sourced through Raw Material, an organisation which contributes 100% of its profits to the producers and communities from which they source, either through coffee payments or community-level investments.












50% Sitio Bela Vista(Brazil), 33% Spirit of Peace(Colombia), 17% Gisheke (Rwanda)


Natural and Washed