Aylesbury Blend ,

The Aylesbury Blend is our staple espresso blend, named for our first roastery site. The components in the blend change seasonally, but the flavour profile stays consistent. This all-rounder is the perfect everyday coffee that works perfectly with or without milk.

This version of our staple espresso blend is made up of three components. Its base is a Colombian washed coffee from the Nariño Department in Colombia, right on the border of Ecuador. The region is exceptionally mountainous with some of the highest coffee growing regions in the world and contains five volcanoes. One of these, ‘Galeras’, was active for 10 million years up until 1978, when it went dormant… but only for 10 years – it remains active now, most recently erupting in 2013. The good news is that volcanic soil creates the ideal conditions for growing coffee!

The middle component is a Ugandan washed lot from our first direct trade relationship, with Kingha Coffee. This coffee estate, located in the Kigezi Mountains in southwestern Uganda, is looked after by caretaker Idah Ngabirano and produces some of the best quality coffee in the country. But more importantly, it is run on principles of sustainable growth and social impact – the farmworkers are locally employed and paid a fair wage, whilst children from the nearby Bugiri Primary School visit twice a month to learn valuable agricultural skills.

Topping the blend off is Altos de Erapuca, a washed coffee from Honduras. Grown by Carlos Efrain Paz Sevilla on the slopes of Erapuca, the second-highest mountain in Honduras, the farm this coffee comes from is mostly sprawling, natural rainforest, with only a small area for coffee growing and a solar-powered house for permanent staff. Carlos has attained both Organic and Rainforest Alliance certification – a huge risk in coffee agriculture, as the crop is highly susceptible to the devastating disease known as leaf-rust – demonstrating his strong belief that the land must be protected for future generations.












50% Cóndor Nariño (Colombia), 30% Kingha Estate(Uganda), 20% Altos de Erapuca (Honduras)