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We admire your company’s desire to diversify and create greater social inclusion.

It’s not an easy feat, and often challenges traditional HR models. We’ve seen the challenges and victories first hand in our own shops, which is why we’ve developed certain processes and products to support employers and graduates alike.

This page is designed to provide you with a better understanding of how we work with ex-offenders and those at risk of crime to develop the skills needed to make them great employees for ourselves and for the businesses we partner with.

Program features: 

  • 1-1 support from a Redemption Roasters Employment Support Worker for graduate and employer alike
  • Information and referral for navigating the post-release process
  • Requests for emergency financial assistance
  • Access to Laptop Loan program
  • Career development workshops
  • Networking opportunities with coffee industry peers
  • Well-being and mental health workshops for program graduates and employers


How do we work with our graduates?

We run several Prison-based Academies across the UK:

The learner’s journey with Redemption Roasters in prisons starts with prospective learners submitting an application. Eligible learners are grouped in six and added to a 2-4 week cohort of intensive barista training. Graduates who excel in the course have the opportunity to become a peer mentor for a further 8 weeks, depending on their sentence.

We take careful care to track release dates for interested graduates and support them through the gates with holistic employment support. We offer paid work experiences in our shops in London, with the opportunity to become full members of staff with us or an industry partner.

We also operate an accelerated coffee course at our community training hub in London:

These learners  are referred to us through multiple agencies and charities by submitting an application. Positions are offered to eligible learners and placed in groups of 4-6 for a week long, full-time course. We offer the same holistic employment support for interested graduates, along with paid work opportunities.


What do our courses teach?

Our courses are split into 3 different modules:

Introduction/Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced.

We modelled these modules from SCA and Barista Hustle certification standards, and assess our learners through written and practical exams throughout the course.

You can expect our graduates to understand a wide range of essential barista-oriented knowledge including:

  • Coffee origins and processing methods
  • Extraction theory and dialling in espresso
  • Milk texturing and basic latte art
  • Cleaning and maintenance of machinery
  • Quality customer service


What’s next?

Once the courses are completed, we continue supporting all interested graduates with our dedicated Employment Support Manager and Employment Support Coach(es).

These personal caseworkers offer holistic employment support for the first 6 months of the referral’s employment, including additional training and education opportunities, budgeting and financial planning, access to emergency financial assistance via our Hardship Fund, and community events to connect with other graduates.


Where do you come in?

We need industry partners and like minded organizations to employ our graduates upon completion of their training or paid work experience. Industry leaders such as Starbucks and Greene King have opened their doors to our graduates, and we hope to expand the scope of employment opportunities available to the communities we serve.

We’ll implement bespoke approaches that fit into your existing HR structure, and you’ll contribute to valuable social impact. Furthermore, we’ll endeavour to highlight our partnership in marketing materials and on our platforms.


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