First, we were a coffee company. Now, we are educators too.

We run an industrial-scale roastery and training centre at HMYOI Aylesbury, coffee academies in HMP Bullingdon, Spring Hill, and Wormwood Scrubs, as well as a 'free world' coffee school in Hoxton, London.

Our training at Aylesbury was rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. 

Yet, we think we can do more. We want to open more academies in prisons and work with private justice providers, councils, youth centres, and job centres.

What we offer

We teach coffee and hospitality skills to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity. We aim to equip our 'Graduates' with whatever they need to secure a job in the coffee industry. 

We already work with major prison education framework (PEF) providers as well as prisons directly. In addition, we are closely associated with major foundations and charities involved in through-the-gates mentoring to maximise our success rate.

Redemption is in itself accrediting as a provider of City & Guilds and Specialty Coffee Association training, as well as also working with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) — an internationally recognised coffee qualification awarding body.    


The first stage is set-up. Redemption will carry out a survey of an institution’s proposed site(s) and advise the viability of establishing an education center. We will suggest, and can provide, the necessary equipment for the classroom.

The second stage is delivery. We have two models of delivery: fully delivered, or train-the-trainer.

Our programmes are always individually tailored to each institution’s requirements and budget. Our teaching materials have been specially drafted to be as approachable as possible and to conform to appropriate accreditation bodies’ requirements.

Employment opportunities

The final stage is paths to employment. Redemption is committed to providing opportunities to learners who pass the course. 

We service a network of around 100 wholesale clients across the UK and operate three coffee shops of our own in Central London. On release, depending on individual circumstances, we will give each candidate an interview for a barista position in our company and/or introduce them to a selection of wholesale clients recruiting for their own business.

If you think we might be able to work together, please get in touch here.