About Us | Redemption Roasters


We already know that prisoners are 50% more likely to reoffend if they leave prison without skills and a job. And we definitely know that in specialty coffee, people need exceptional skills.

Enter Redemption Roasters, the world’s first behind bars coffee company. We were approached by the Ministry of Justice to help address the state of reoffending through coffee. Our roastery is inside the walls of HMP the Mount and our network of barista academies operate in justice sector institutions across the country.

As part of our mission to help offenders successfully reintegrate into society, we train them in professional roastery and barista skills. On release, we help our “Graduates” to find work, either in our own coffee shops, or with our wholesale clients.

We don’t just source coffee ethically; our entire roasting and coffee education process is socially impactful. The result is a finely crafted cup of coffee that raises the bar for everyone.


We support our local community as much as possible by supporting those with a history of imprisonment to transition back into employment. We see on-the-job experience as a valuable extension of our academy training. Our graduates are smart hires, which is why we’re the single largest employer of our own graduates.

We work rigorously in the coffee industry to challenge assumptions about ex-offenders, and secure careers for our graduates. Development of a partnership network consisting of businesses big and small has been key to supporting our mission, and we’re always looking to expand. We’ve learned from our own experiences and support both graduates and employers in creating a sustainable working relationship.

Employment can be transformational, and plays a big role in an individual’s self-esteem and personal growth. We believe that everyone can benefit from employment and meaningful activity, and that everyone can succeed given the proper support.

Alongside this, we spend at least 50% of non-labour costs with local and independent suppliers and we are committed to serving at least 75% local and independent clients or customers.